Closeboarded feather edge fencing

Closeboard fencing with counter rail and capping

This can be erected on timber posts, concrete posts or even steel posts. The height can vary from 1m up to 2.5m. All our timber is Tanalith ‘E’ treated redwood to class 4. The length of each bay can vary up to a maximum of 3m. This fence can follow the slope of the ground without stepping unlike a panel fence. Below is the rear view of a closeboard fence, showing arris rails, stump, gravel board, counter rail and capping.

Closeboard fencing with capping

1m closeboarded fencing without counter rail or capping

standard closeboard fencing 1.05 metre tall

Closeboard fencing with diamond trellis

Closeboard fencing with trellis on top

The gate and trellis below complies with secure by design requirements.

Closeboard fencing with square trellis on top

Closeboard between brick piers

closeboard fencing between brick piers

Closeboard on concrete posts

Closeboard fencing on concrete posts
Closeboard fencing on concrete posts with concrete gravel boards