anti climb galvanised prison mesh

This 358 mesh (also known as “prison mesh”) has a 76.2×12.5mm mesh size, making it very hard to get a finger or toe hold. It can very from 1.8m to as high as 6m and can be galvanised and powder-coated. It is now often used as a school or college boundary fence as shown below.

358 crimped mesh 2.1m high

This fence was erected at Uckfield Community College, East Sussex, around the entirety of their playing fields. Secure lockable gates were also installed with the fencing.

358 industrial security mesh

This 3.6m high security mesh was erected at a secure industrial unit in Weybridge, Surrey.

industrial 358 security mesh fencing

Very high-security twin 258 mesh panels

This very high-security fencing, sensor and camera system was erected at a data center in Milton Keynes. This shows the internal 3.5m high fence, which is 2m inside another fence. For added security the bottom 2.4m is double-clad (see inset image). The top of the fence has three strands of razor tape (razor barb).

very high security 358 mesh fence panels buried

Anti-climb, powder-coated mesh fence & gate

This 4m high anti-climb fence was erected at a mental secure unit in Bexhill, East Sussex. This fence was erected with a concrete sill and the bottom of the mesh buried in the silly. This particular installation had a sequence locking system allowing patients to access selected areas and certain “airlock” gates were one-way only.

358 High security mesh sliding gates

This floor to ceiling security fence and gates were erected for a utility company in an underground storage facility.

high security galvanised 358 mesh fencing with gate